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Founded in 2001 and based in Easton, MD, the Tidewater Singers is a group of professional and amateur musicians that love singing and sharing music with others.  Our hope is to make the world a better place by giving our audiences joy, inspiration and beauty through music.


William R. Thomas, Music Director


“Music is everything. In it there is joy in a hope for a peaceful world of unimagined beauty.” 

Mr. Thomas earned the Master of Music degree from The Florida State University School of Music and Bachelor of Music degree from Morehead State University. From 1986 through 2008, he was director of choirs and music theatre at Easton High School. 

Now in his eleventh season as artistic director of the Tidewater Singers, Thomas is organist/choir director at Christ Church in St. Michaels and is associate professor of music at ChesapeakeCollege. 

William, his wife Diane and daughter Zoe live in St. Michaels. 





Gail Aveson

Lyn Banghart

Patricia Ford

Julie Hawley

Shannon Lindsay

Jennifer Madino 

Sophie McGee

Chris Noyes

Colin Perry

Nancy Robbins 

Teresa (Terri) Wroten


Ann Capute

Cheryl Dayton

Eugenie Drayton  

Frances Forster

Ellen Grunden

Andrea Merritt

Jade Pearl 

Patty Rubin 

Debra Smith

Ashley Strazza

Ellen Wile   



Randy Bachand

Sean Priest

Jim Samiec 

Steve Strobeck  

Dave von Rueden


John Banghart

Monté Henry

Robert McGee

Dave Moore  

Eric Rubin 

Larry Sanford

Christopher Wroten 

Manager, Janet Pfeffer

Webmaster, Lyn Banghart


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